1. Apple reportedly may release a 6.1-inch iPhone without 3D Touch  |  ( the verge )
In exchange, Kuo estimates that the 6.1-inch model could cost between $700-$800, which would be a healthy savings compared to the $999-plus iPhone X price tag.
2. iPhone users can now ask Siri to read daily news podcasts  |  ( the verge )
Now, iPhone and iPad owners can ask Siri to read the news and get a daily podcast briefing from The Washington Post, which is the default.
3. Phone-addicted teens aren’t as happy as those who play sports and hang out IRL, new study suggests  |  ( techcrunch )
“Although this study can’t show causation, several other studies have shown that more social media use leads to unhappiness, but unhappiness does not lead to more social media use,” Twenge said.
4. KFC wings now come in a DIY drone box because 2018  |  ( mashable )
In the latest marketing ploy to appear hip and tech savvy, India's Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) announced it's introducing Limited Edition DIY drone boxes to hold their wings.
5. Tesla Model S plows into a fire truck while using Autopilot  |  ( the verge )
The driver of a Tesla Model S who crashed into a fire truck on a California freeway says he was using Autopilot at the time of the accident, and so far, Tesla isn’t refuting this claim.
6. France Digitale wants to teach French parliament members about tech  |  ( techcrunch )
Details are still thin, but France Digitale is aware that parliament members won’t simply take a six-month sabbatical to go back to school.
7. Study: 6 in 10 Americans have heard about Bitcoin  |  ( techcrunch )
Asked about possible 2018 asset crashes, 38 percent of all Americans (and 41% of Bitcoin owners) see Bitcoin as a bubble poised to pop this year.
8. Self-driving car experts offer online degree in 'flying cars'  |  ( reuters )
(Reuters) - Self-driving car pioneer Sebastian Thrun has shifted his gaze to the skies, as his Silicon Valley online school Udacity launches what it calls the first “nanodegree” in flying car engineering.
9. Treblab wireless earbuds are great alternatives to AirPods  |  ( mashable )
The TREBLAB X2 Bluetooth Earbuds are now up for grabs for only $66.99, reduced from the original price of $79.99.
10. Google’s Lunar Xprize to go unclaimed as moonshot deadline looms  |  ( techcrunch )
Google teamed up with Xprize to sponsor an audacious literal race to the Moon, but sadly the competition will end with no one taking home the grand prize of $30 million.
11. 'Infinity War' director wants Thanos to be new Darth Vader  |  ( cnet )
Does Thanos, of the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity War," qualify?
12. Get data science training online with this e-learning bundle  |  ( mashable )
Sure, these terms sound intimidating at the moment, but by the time you've completed the training, you'll be well-versed in data science jargon, impressing everyone in the office.
13. HomePod takes on the Echo and Google Home (The 3:59, Ep. 343)  |  ( cnet )
Can Apple's Homepod outperform Echo and Google Home?
14. Samsung 860 Pro and Evo SSDs speed up to cope with 4K  |  ( cnet )
Now we get the new 860 Pro and 860 Evo, the latest additions to the company's SATA interface lineup.
15. Holy moly! Facebook test was nudging me to chat with a church  |  ( techcrunch )
But there are ~2BN Facebook users these days which means there are, inevitably, billions and billions of ‘liked’ business pages on Facebook.
16. This kickass ski bike will help you master the slopes  |  ( mashable )
The Sno-Go Bike is what you need for your next skiing trip.
17. Samsung announces the 860 Evo and 860 Pro as successors to the most popular SSDs ever  |  ( the verge )
And while Samsung has released a few incremental updates over the years to increase storage capacity, the company has announced the first true successor to the iconic 850 Evo and 850 Pro drives: the 860 Evo and 860 Pro.
18. Udacity opens applications for its Flying Car Nanodegree program  |  ( techcrunch )
It’s now accepting applications for its Flying Car Nanodegree program, which it announced last year along with a new Introduction to Self-Driving engineering course.
19. Super Bowl sets stage for best mobile carrier network  |  ( cnet )
Super Bowl festivities kick off Friday, Jan. 26, with Super Bowl Live presented by Verizon.
20. Beijing-based Ofo wants to launch its stationless bike-sharing service in SF, but it’s not allowed to  |  ( techcrunch )
Beijing-based stationless bike-sharing startup Ofo is crying foul at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency over its decision to have an exclusive pilot program with startup JUMP.
21. Facebook to hand privacy controls to users ahead of EU law  |  ( reuters )
Facebook’s use of customer data and tracking of people’s online activities has already come under investigation from several EU data protection authorities.
22. Only 48 hours left to apply for Startup Battlefield Dubai  |  ( techcrunch )
Good news; we have answers, and you’ll find on our Startup Battlefield Dubai FAQ.
23. Instagram pins animated GIF stickers to your Stories  |  ( cnet )
GIF stickers are available starting Tuesday in Instagram version 29 on iOS and Android devices.
24. Five obvious questions about Apple’s HomePod speaker  |  ( the verge )
And something about the launch of this Apple music device reminds me of the launch of that other Apple music device, the iPod.
25. Here’s how Vine replacement v2 will work  |  ( techcrunch )
The FounderBefore getting serious about v2, Hofmann was working on Interspace, which is making some mysterious and trippy 3D/VR/AR world thing.
26. Apple HomePod coming on Feb. 9, preorders open on Friday  |  ( cnet )
Apple HomePod: Everything we know so far.
27. A man bit a smartphone battery as a test, and it exploded  |  ( the verge )
A man at an electronics store in China decided to give a smartphone battery his own litmus test by biting it.
28. Google gets into audiobooks as rivalry with Amazon heats up  |  ( reuters )
Google launching an audiobooks store widens the battle, which has also seen Google’s YouTube unit stop supporting an Amazon product.
29. Democrats ask Facebook and Twitter to probe Russian bots  |  ( cnet )
Feinstein and Schiff cite research by The Alliance for Securing Democracy, which indicates significant Russian activity on the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo.
30. Anthony Noto leaves Twitter for CEO role at SoFi  |  ( cnet )
"Anthony has been an incredible advocate for Twitter and a trusted partner to me and our leadership team," Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in a statement Tuesday.