1. Digital opioids help doctors track prescription painkiller use  |  ( the verge )
These digital pills aren’t on the market yet, but a small test run shows that they can help doctors monitor how patients use prescription painkillers at home.
2. SoftBank funding may spur Uber to re-think tough Southeast Asian market  |  ( reuters )
Brooks Entwistle, Uber’s recently appointed chief business officer of Asia Pacific, told Reuters he was looking at the long term in Southeast Asia.
3. AT&T-Time Warner in jeopardy as DOJ seeks to block deal  |  ( cnet )
Having control over popular networks, the DOJ said, would allow AT&T to charge its competition more for the right to distribute its popular programming.
4. FanDuel CEO, co-founder Nigel Eccles leaves fantasy sports site  |  ( cnet )
Clodagh Kilcoyne / Getty ImagesFanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles is leaving the daily fantasy sports site he co-founded in 2009, just months after the site failed to merge with rival DraftKings.
5. Apple gets served a search warrant and Uber buys a bunch of Volvos  |  ( techcrunch )
You are about to activate our Facebook Messenger news bot.
6. An unknown quiz app called FriendO is going viral with teens  |  ( mashable )
Called FriendO, the app lets users compete in "quizzes" to find out who their "real friends" are — and teens are going crazy for it.
7. Check out the 2017 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide  |  ( techcrunch )
We’ve got gorgeous gift ideas, geeky gift ideas and ideas for those shutterbug friends who never put their camera down.
8. Business News Roundup, Nov. 21  |  ( sfgate )
Business News Roundup, Nov. 21Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle Image 1 of / 1 Caption Close Image 1 of 1 Buy photo Head of operations Edmund Solis walks among Gig vehicles at an Oakland storage yard.
9. Managing software complexity through intent-based programming  |  ( techcrunch )
So, in a sense, this alternative programming model is one that manages software by objectives: MBO for machines.
11. Marvell wants Cavium; free airport water; reserving a Santa visit  |  ( sfgate )
This year’s flavor, according to the New York Times, is because a gender-neutral couple is holding hands on the cup.
12. NASA: Mars' dark streaks might not be water after all  |  ( cnet )
NASA titled its 2015 release "NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today's Mars."
13. Black Friday smart home deals to help you connect the halls  |  ( cnet )
Black Friday deals: See every Black Friday 2017 deal we've found so farHoliday Gift Guide: CNET's full gift guide, including dozens of products priced under $25, $50 and $100
14. 12 great gifts for photography lovers  |  ( techcrunch )
Camera lovers love cameras, that’s for sure.
15. The best Black Friday MacBook and iPad deals  |  ( cnet )
Stay tuned for updates as we discover more Black Friday MacBook deals.
16. Ford shows off new hybrid police cars that can go 21 mph on electricity alone  |  ( mashable )
Orders for the new Special Service hybrid begin in December, while sales will actually start next summer.
17. What to know about the FCC’s upcoming plan to undo net neutrality rules  |  ( sfgate )
What to know about the FCC’s upcoming plan to undo net neutrality rulesThe Federal Communications Commission this week is expected to reveal the latest details of its plan to roll back net neutrality regulations.
18. How the Kindle was designed through 10 years and 15 generations  |  ( techcrunch )
People complained that the noise kept people up.” A lot of research had gone into it, but ultimately PagePress didn’t become a staple of Kindle design.
19. U.S. sues to block AT&T-Time Warner merger  |  ( sfgate )
U.S. sues to block AT&T-Time Warner mergerThe U.S. Justice Department Monday sued to block AT&T’s proposed $85 billion purchase of Time Warner, saying the proposed combination is illegal and could stifle innovation in technology.
20. The iMac Pro supposedly has an iPhone processor, too  |  ( cnet )
Now Playing: Watch this: New iMac, iMac Pro designed with crisper displays, more...
21. Apple Watch, XBox, Kid's Fire Tablet, and more  |  ( mashable )
luggage set — $49.99 ($50 off)Queen-size bedding sets — $35 ($44.99 off)Threshold fuzzy blankets — $18 ($21.99 off)All jar candles — buy one, get one freeKitchenInstant Pot 6-qt.
22. Black Friday 2017: Best Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo gaming deals  |  ( cnet )
Update, Nov. 20: Sony's $200 PS4 and $100-off PSVR deals are live, days ahead of Black Friday!
23. The Amazon Echo is the ideal gift for everyone on your holiday list  |  ( mashable )
Amazon Echo plays all the songs and alternative takes of songs from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more.
24. Shujaa Delivery aims to compete with Aramax, DHL and others  |  ( techcrunch )
Enter Shujaa Delivery, a Nairobi-based door-to-door delivery and courier service for businesses that uses motorcycles instead of cars.
25. GE launches $50 hub to connect its Bluetooth smart lights to Alexa and Google Assistant  |  ( the verge )
And GE’s Sol lamp will go on sale for $100 on its own or bundled with four C bulbs for $120.
26. Yale professors race Google and IBM to first quantum computer  |  ( sfgate )
Photo: ROGER KISBY, NYT Yale professors race Google and IBM to first quantum computer 1 / 2 Back to GalleryRobert Schoelkopf is at the forefront of a worldwide effort to build the world’s first quantum computer.
27. Amazon’s all-new Echo goes (RED) for a limited time  |  ( techcrunch )
Also, it doesn’t look like the “ECHO3PACK” promotion, which offers a $50 discount when you order any three second-generation Echo devices, applies to the (RED) version.
28. Apple iOS 11.1, Sprint, Amazon: Biggest Tech Turkeys of 2017  |  ( cnet )
But for now, enjoy our mega-sized edition of the lowest points in tech, starting from silly slip-ups to seriously disturbing behavior.
29. The DOJ sues to block AT&T’s Time Warner deal  |  ( techcrunch )
Earlier reports suggested that the DOJ would move against the deal if AT&T did not intend to sell CNN.
30. With new permanent teams, professional League of Legends will look more like the NBA  |  ( the verge )
For now, that means that — unlike the ambitious Overwatch League — Riot isn’t looking at having teams based in specific cities.