1. Glowing slinky-like 'creature' is actually a mass of eggs  |  ( fox news )
Those glowing pink blobs are in fact the squid eggs themselves, Helm said.
2. 500-million-year-old creature looks like a space alien  |  ( fox news )
It looks like a space alien, or maybe a very deformed clam.
3. A Challenge to the Textbooks on How We Learn about Our Surroundings  |  ( scientific american )
The target cell fires more easily, and the signal transmitted is stronger.
4. Owls hold secret to ageless ears  |  ( bbc )
Understanding more about the "ageless ears" of barn owls could help develop new treatments for human hearing problems.
5. Once Teased For Her Love Of Bugs, 8-Year-Old Co-Authors Scientific Paper : The Two-Way : NPR  |  ( npr )
It made me feel like I could do it too, and I definitely, definitely, definitely want to study bugs when I grow up, probably grasshoppers."
6. Hurricane warning vs. watch: How are they different?  |  ( fox news )
“A warning means that hurricane conditions are expected whereas a watch means that conditions are possible,” the office explains.
7. Old barn owls aren’t hard of hearing  |  ( science news )
Unlike other animals, the birds don’t suffer from hearing loss as a hallmark of aging, a new study suggests.
8. A Girl's Love For Bugs Goes Viral  |  ( npr )
A Girl's Love For Bugs Goes ViralCanadian Sophia Spencer, 8, loves bugs.
9. Study weighs risks of human-drone impacts  |  ( upi )
So the questions is: how much risk will the FAA tolerate, and how can companies reduce risks to acceptable levels?
10. Study: Proteins have 'add-ons,' just like web browsers  |  ( upi )
Sept. 19 (UPI) -- New research proves cellular proteins identify and communicate with one another using molecular "add-ons."
11. Rogue wave could have downed El Faro cargo ship, research shows  |  ( upi )
Thirty-three crew members were killed when El Faro sank as it traveled from Jacksonville, Fla., to Puerto Rico.
12. Activists want ocean garbage patch to be new country  |  ( fox news )
Al Gore is on board as the first honorary citizen of the "Trash Isles," which is what activists are calling the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge part of the Pacific Ocean inundated with floating plastic trash, Reuters reports.
13. Ice ax that dug into Leon Trotsky's skull no longer languishing under a bed  |  ( fox news )
This article originally appeared on Newser: Ice Ax That Dug Into Trotsky's Skull No Longer Under a Bed
14. Hurricane Maria proves how difficult it is to predict a storm’s devastation  |  ( popular science )
Hurricane Maria would be a heavy blow under any circumstances, but the islands affected by this powerful hurricane have a recent history of devastation.
16. Fake diamonds helped scientists find the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth  |  ( popular science )
But the cool—or rather extremely hot—thing about cubic zirconia is that it requires such an incredibly high temperature to make.
18. Neil deGrasse Tyson says human-caused climate change could doom coastal cities  |  ( fox news )
Other researchers say there is a strong link between Hurricane Harvey's extreme rainfall and climate change; heavy-precipitation events have increased in recent decades, and several were shown to be more likely because of climate change, Live Science previously reported.
19. Experts discover tomb of Mayan 'God-King'  |  ( fox news )
Archaeologists in northwestern Guatemala have uncovered the tomb of a Mayan king that appears to date back to 300-350 A.D.
20. This scorching black exoplanet takes in all the light it can and gives almost nothing back  |  ( popular science )
That’s so hot that bright, reflective clouds can’t form in the sky, leaving almost nothing to reflect light away from the planet’s surface.
21. The Opioid Crisis is Squeezing Small-Town Finances  |  ( scientific american )
AUTOPSIES INC.Few know the opioid crisis like the father-son duo Sidney and Curtis Goldblatt.
22. German World War I submarine discovered intact with 23 bodies inside  |  ( fox news )
A submarine used by Germany during World War I was found basically intact and with bodies of 23 people inside off the coast of Belgium.
23. The Plimp is a plane-blimp mashup that promises safe air transport  |  ( popular science )
And the ultimate dream is to move beyond a stable, safe drone to into a new form of human transportation.
24. 11 new iOS 11 features to try  |  ( popular science )
This week marks the official arrival of iOS 11, and Apple's latest operating system boasts quite a few party tricks that you're going to want to try out.
25. Bored With Your Fitbit? These Cancer Researchers Aren't  |  ( wired )
But that’s not stopping a growing number of medical researchers from flocking to Fitbit for use in clinical studies of everything from arthritis to sleep apnea to cancer.
26. WHO Plans Global War on Cholera as Yemen Caseload Soars  |  ( scientific american )
In Yemen, the most explosive outbreak on record has caused 686,783 suspected cases and 2,090 deaths since late April.
27. Limiting Global Warming to 1.5 Degrees Celsius May Still Be Possible  |  ( scientific american )
The scientists calculated how much carbon would be needed to push the temperature up by another 0.6 °C, to 1.5 °C.
28. Harvard report details the threats faced by New England forests  |  ( upi )
But with increases in conservation, researchers say the goals set forth in the first Harvard Forest report are still achievable.
29. Back to Saturn? NASA eyes possible return mission as Cassini ends  |  ( fox news )
[Latest Saturn Photos from NASA's Cassini Orbiter]Studying TitanCassini studied Titan closely over the course of 127 targeted flybys.