1. Schumer withdraws offer for border wall  |  ( cnn )
During his speech on the floor Friday, Schumer said he reluctantly put the border wall on the table.
2. Correction: United Nations-Russia-Holocaust Story  |  ( star tribune )
After Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, the extermination of Jews began.
3. Top Judiciary Democrat says Justice Department denied access to intel memo  |  ( cnn )
But Republicans have said that the Justice Department and FBI should not be given access, given who is involved.
4. Satanic Temple member fights Missouri abortion restrictions  |  ( star tribune )
— The Missouri Supreme Court is considering whether some of the state's abortion restrictions violate the religious beliefs of a woman who is part of the Satanic Temple.
5. What happened in Pennsylvania could swing control of the House in 2018  |  ( cnn )
Republicans immediately said they would seek a stay from the US Supreme Court, arguing that the state Supreme Court overstepped.
6. Memo: Tax credit cost state $262.1 million last fiscal year  |  ( star tribune )
The bureau found the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit cost the state $262.1 million in the year that ended June 30.
7. Trump administration expands access to opioid medication  |  ( reuters )
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - More healthcare workers can prescribe an opioid medication under a U.S. measure announced on Tuesday that expands treatment options for rural residents with limited access to physicians.
8. Tillerson: Russia 'bears responsibility' for Syrian chemical weapons attacks  |  ( cnn )
"Whoever conducted the attacks, Russia ultimately bears responsibility for the victims in East Ghouta, and countless other Syrians targeted with chemical weapons since Russia became involved in Syria."
9. South Korea warns of WTO complaint over Trump's tariffs  |  ( washington times )
“We will actively respond to protectionist measures.”A Chinese government spokesman also expressed “strong dissatisfaction” with the new U.S. tariffs and hinted at a WTO complaint.
10. CIA: North Korea moving 'ever closer' to putting US at risk  |  ( star tribune )
"North Korea is ever closer to being able to hold America at risk."
11. Court: Oil company can be sued when worker injured or killed  |  ( star tribune )
OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that oil and natural gas companies can be sued when a worker is killed or injured on the job.
12. Davos diplomacy scene not exactly a natural fit for Trump  |  ( star tribune )
Vice President Joe Biden appeared on behalf of the Obama administration last year, and Vice President Dick Cheney attended for George W. Bush.
13. U.S. business group lobbying surged as tax reform took shape  |  ( reuters )
Spending on lobbyists by the manufacturers group rose to $2.4 million from $1.3 million, quarter over quarter.
14. Davos diplomacy scene won't be a natural fit for Trump  |  ( washington times )
WASHINGTON (AP) - The diplomacy scene that President Donald Trump will encounter at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week isn’t exactly a natural fit for the “America First” standard-bearer.
15. Legionella bacteria possibly at Illinois Capitol Complex  |  ( star tribune )
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Preliminary test results show the possible presence of Legionella bacteria in the Illinois Capitol Complex's hot water system and officials have removed aerators and shut off the showers to reduce the possibility of infection.
16. U.S. attorney general questioned in special counsel Russia probe  |  ( reuters )
In addition to Papadopoulos, Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.
17. What happens during a government shutdown? 7 things you should know  |  ( fox news )
To avoid a shutdown, members of Congress can give themselves an extension, known as a continuing resolution (CR).
18. CNN poll: Trump trails Sanders, Biden, Oprah in 2020 matchups  |  ( cnn )
In a series of hypothetical 2020 one-on-one contests Trump trails Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by a 55% to 42% margin among registered voters.
19. CNN poll: 8-in-10 favor presidential exams for health, mental well-being  |  ( cnn )
Support for both physical and mental exams for the president are about the same as they were in polling conducted during the 2004 presidential campaign, when 84% favored annual physical exams and 79% backed annual mental checkups.
20. US: Russia ultimately to blame for Syrian chemical attacks  |  ( washington times )
The Syrian government denies using chemical weapons; Russia says extremists have used chemical weapons in the past.
21. Key Democrats urge social media companies to investigate Russia-linked accounts  |  ( reuters )
Aides to the Republican leaders of the Senate and House intelligence and Senate judiciary committees also did not immediately respond.
22. Government announces anti-fake news unit  |  ( bbc )
Theresa May's spokesman said the "dedicated national security communications unit" would be charged with "combating disinformation by state actors and others".
23. Government shutdown fizzles on spending, immigration deal in Congress  |  ( reuters )
Washington has been hampered by frequent threats of a shutdown in recent years as the two parties fight over spending, immigration and other issues.
24. Vaping Can Be Addictive and May Lure Teenagers to Smoking, Science Panel Concludes  |  ( nytimes )
That’s especially important given that most adults who vape also still smoke or use other tobacco products.
26. Sessions interviewed for hours by Mueller's team in Russia probe  |  ( fox news )
Rosenstein appointed Mueller, a former FBI director, to take over the Russia investigation one week after Comey was fired.
27. The Latest: UN says 5,000 have fled Syria's Afrin  |  ( washington times )
Turkey considers Syrian Kurdish militant group YPG a terror organization and has launched a military operation into Kurdish-held Afrin in northern Syria.
28. U.S. citizens among wounded, dead in terror attack in Kabul  |  ( washington times )
“Out of respect for the families of the deceased, we have no further comment,” department officials added.
29. Lawmakers scramble on immigration as government shutdown paused  |  ( reuters )
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday sought a way forward on an immigration deal including protection for “Dreamer” immigrants and border security before federal funding runs out again next month.
30. FBI's Strzok allegedly dismissed Mueller probe: 'no big there there'  |  ( fox news )
“It indicates they’re considering joining the Mueller special counsel investigation,” Johnson said on “The Jay Weber Show” on Fox News Radio affiliate WISN.