1. Exclusive: Majority of Americans support transgender military service - poll  |  ( reuters )
Democrats mostly supported military service by transgender Americans while Republicans were more evenly split.
2. North Korean ICBM launches dim South's hopes for talks  |  ( washington times )
North Korea has yet to respond to the South’s proposals and the South can’t be seen begging for talks,” Koh said.
3. Only a cat seems to have more lives than 'Obamacare'  |  ( star tribune )
The GOP bills would have dramatically reduced spending on both, leaving anywhere from 16 million to more than 30 million uninsured.
4. Congress and White House operate in different worlds  |  ( star tribune )
"That which is weird is getting weirder at the White House," Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., said after the meeting.
5. Obama's health care law still needs some patchwork  |  ( star tribune )
The health care law of the land has survived for now, but it needs help — and it needs it soon.
6. McCain first saves, then kills health care repeal bill  |  ( star tribune )
"I and many of my colleagues did as we promised and voted to repeal this failed law," the majority leader said on the Senate floor.
7. After health bill crashes, McConnell just wants to 'move on'  |  ( star tribune )
"They should have approved health care last night," Trump said Friday during a speech in Brentwood, New York.
8. John Kelly brings military bearing to White House staff  |  ( star tribune )
His selection as secretary bolstered concerns about an increase in military influence in a Trump White House.
9. It's not always "You're fired" when Trump forces people out  |  ( star tribune )
Now president, Trump often makes other people in the White House do the dirty work — or shames those he wants out into quitting themselves.
10. Reince Priebus Is Ousted Amid Stormy Days for White House  |  ( nytimes )
Mr. Priebus had blocked Mr. Scaramucci from joining the White House staff for six months, and Mr. Spicer resigned in protest.
11. Government adviser urges review of farmers' tax-breaks  |  ( bbc )
Image copyright PATax breaks for UK farmers should be reviewed, the head of a group advising the environment secretary has said.
12. Tracking the Roller Coaster Relationship of Reince Priebus and Donald Trump  |  ( nytimes )
For one, Mr. Priebus was among the advisers who had to persuade Mr. Trump not to drop out of presidential debates.
13. Reince Priebus Is Forced Out as Trump’s Chief of Staff  |  ( nytimes )
1 U.S.Reince Priebus Is Forced Out as Trump’s Chief of Staff
14. Trump, on Long Island, Vows an End to Gang Violence  |  ( nytimes )
I never thought I’d be standing up here talking about liberating towns on Long Island where I grew up.
15. Trump to sign Russia sanctions, Moscow retaliates  |  ( reuters )
By signing the bill into law, Trump can not ease the sanctions against Russia unless he seeks congressional approval.
16. Former Trump administration officials, from Priebus to Comey  |  ( fox news )
"I am pleased to inform you that I have just named General/Secretary John F Kelly as White House Chief of Staff," Trump tweeted.
17. For Trump, the honeymoon with Putin may be finally over  |  ( reuters )
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin tossed President-elect Donald Trump a bouquet in December when he chose not to retaliate for the U.S. expulsion of Russian diplomats and seizure of Russian diplomatic compounds.
18. Trump will sign bill imposing stiff sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea  |  ( fox news )
President Donald Trump said he would sign a series of bills that will impose stiff financial sanctions on Russia.
19. White House: Trump to sign Russia sanctions bill  |  ( cnn )
(CNN) President Donald Trump has reviewed the final version of Russia sanctions legislation and plans to sign it, the White House announced Friday night.
20. Republicans try to pick up the pieces after healthcare defeat  |  ( reuters )
He had promised to get major healthcare legislation, tax cuts and a boost in infrastructure spending through Congress in short order.
21. John Kelly, New Chief of Staff, Is Seen as Beacon of Discipline  |  ( nytimes )
Yet, as homeland security secretary, Mr. Kelly has lashed out at critics.
22. Behind Legislative Collapse: An Angry Vow Fizzles for Lack of a Viable Plan  |  ( nytimes )
For Mr. McCain in particular, he said, “He’s not one where you’d expect a phone call to make the difference.”Shuffling across the chamber, Mr. McCain convened with Democrats, informing them of his choice.
23. The Republican Women Behind the Vote  |  ( nytimes )
But it was two staunch female Republican senators — Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine — who fought the Senate repeal from the start.
24. Scaramucci’s Vulgar Rant Spurs Newsroom Debate: Asterisks or No Asterisks?  |  ( nytimes )
Mr. Scaramucci’s language was particularly tricky because it represented not just gratuitous profanity, but personal denigration using crude anatomical references.
25. Reince Priebus' interview with Wolf Blitzer  |  ( cnn )
BLITZER: Reince Priebus, the now former White House -- soon to be former White House chief of staff.
26. Reince Priebus said he’s 'Team Trump all the time'  |  ( fox news )
JOHN KELLY REPLACES REINCE PRIEBUS AS WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFFEarlier Friday on CNN, Priebus said bringing fresh people to the White House is a good thing.
27. Government looks to speed up small business rates relief  |  ( bbc )
Image copyright Getty ImagesThe government has stepped in to try to speed up business rate relief to thousands of small firms.
28. Trump replaces chief of staff Priebus with retired General Kelly  |  ( reuters )
He was hired with the goal of bringing more discipline to the White House, a senior White House official said.
29. Priebus is pushed out as chief of staff  |  ( star tribune )
He also saluted Priebus, the chief of staff he had just pushed out.
30. Trump shrugs 'can't have everything' as health bill flops  |  ( star tribune )
"They should have approved health care last night," Trump said Friday during a speech in Brentwood, New York.