1. Official placed on leave over Afghanistan bombing claim  |  ( star tribune )
ALBANY, N.Y. — The State University of New York has placed a high-ranking official on leave after a newspaper questioned a story he told about surviving a bombing in Afghanistan and other claims.
2. Speaker John Bercow admits muttering word 'stupid'  |  ( bbc )
Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Speaker John Bercow admits muttering 'stupid' 'as an aside'Commons Speaker John Bercow has said he "respects all his colleagues" after admitting using the word "stupid" during Commons exchanges.
3. UConn president to step down in summer 2019  |  ( star tribune )
STORRS, Conn. — University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst announced Monday that she will step down after the 2018-19 academic year.
4. Put ditched electric rail £430m into Welsh transport, say MPs  |  ( bbc )
The Welsh Affairs Committee report says UK ministers have saved "at least £430m" by ditching the plans.
5. Advising Bolton Is a ‘Shadow N.S.C.’  |  ( nytimes )
Mr. Bolton’s continued reliance on longtime associates in either informal or temporary capacities at the N.S.C.
6. Don Blankenship Announces Third Party Bid for West Virginia Senate Seat  |  ( nytimes )
WASHINGTON — Don Blankenship, the ex-convict coal baron who lost his bid for the Republican Senate nomination in West Virginia earlier this month, said on Monday that he would run as a third-party candidate — potentially offering a huge break to Senate Democrats.
7. Trump touts Haspel confirmation at CIA visit  |  ( cnn )
Trump hailed Haspel for her time at the CIA and also remarked on the fact that she is the first female CIA director.
8. Legislative panels vote to stall groundwater nitrate rule  |  ( star tribune )
ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota lawmakers have moved to stall implementation of the state's proposed rule for reducing nitrate levels in groundwater supplies in farm country.
9. Hillary Clinton: US democracy is in 'full-fledged crisis' under Trump  |  ( cnn )
Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump isn't over the 2016 election, and Hillary Clinton isn't either.
10. Watchdog report questions US claim on Afghan war progress  |  ( star tribune )
WASHINGTON — A government watchdog is taking issue with Pentagon assertions that momentum in the fight against the Taliban has shifted to Afghan government forces.
11. Trump Swears in Gina Haspel as C.I.A. Director, Praising the Agency as ‘Most Elite’ in the World  |  ( nytimes )
Now, Ms. Haspel will take over an agency under verbal siege from the very person it exists to brief.
12. The Latest: Haspel jokes about rocky confirmation process  |  ( star tribune )
__10:55 a.m.President Donald Trump is praising new CIA Director Gina Haspel at her swearing-in ceremony Monday.
13. Supreme Court sides with employers in class action arbitration cases  |  ( cnn )
Federal labor law does not countenance such isolation of employees," she said.
14. Gina Haspel sworn in as CIA director  |  ( fox news )
President Trump praised CIA director Gina Haspel at her swearing-in ceremony Monday by saying "no one in this country is better qualified" for the role.
15. Trump’s Charm and Threats Aren’t Working on China. Here’s Why.  |  ( nytimes )
American officials are investigating whether a much bigger Chinese tech company, Huawei Technologies, also flouted American trade controls.
16. In China, Photo of Trade Talks Embodies ‘Young’ Country Passing Aging U.S.  |  ( nytimes )
But after the latest trade talks between the two countries, China seems to have emerged well positioned.
17. Democratic governor candidates face Friday deadline  |  ( star tribune )
MADISON, Wis. — Democratic candidates for governor who want to speak at the state party convention face a Friday deadline to prove they have collected enough signatures to get on the ballot.
18. Supreme Court sends land dispute back to Wash. top court  |  ( star tribune )
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is asking Washington state's highest court to take another look at a land dispute between a Native American tribe and its neighbors.
19. Bernie Sanders announces he will seek re-election  |  ( cnn )
Washington (CNN) Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Monday he will seek re-election this year, with a formal kickoff in June as he angles for a third term.
20. Prince Harry, Meghan wedding: Palace shares family portrait and other photos  |  ( washington times )
LONDON (AP) — Kensington Palace has released three official wedding photographs taken of Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle shortly after their wedding.
21. Divided Supreme Court rules for businesses over workers  |  ( fox news )
WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court says employers can prohibit their workers from banding together to complain about pay and conditions in the workplace.
22. Blankenship launches third-party bid in West Virginia Senate race  |  ( fox news )
West Virginia coal baron Don Blankenship on Monday announced a third-party Senate bid, vowing to keep fighting despite losing in the recent GOP primary -- and posing another obstacle in Republicans’ bid to take the Democrat-held seat.
23. Supreme Court Upholds Workplace Arbitration Contracts Barring Class Actions  |  ( nytimes )
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that companies can use arbitration clauses in employment contracts to prohibit workers from banding together to take legal action over workplace issues.
24. Clinton pollster blasts Mueller probe, says 'must now be stopped'  |  ( fox news )
Penn -- who served as a pollster and adviser to former President Bill Clinton and a chief political strategist for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign -- said "this process must now be stopped, preferably before a vote in the Senate."
25. US plans 'pressure campaign' against Iran if it doesn't abandon nuclear work, Pompeo says  |  ( fox news )
The United States’ European allies oppose the president’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.
26. Democratic Republic of Congo begins trial Ebola vaccination  |  ( washington times )
Health care workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo will be the first people to receive a trial vaccine Monday, as global responders try to stamp out a widening Ebola outbreak in the African country.
27. Don Blankenship launches third-party Senate bid in West Virginia  |  ( cnn )
Washington (CNN) Ex-convict and coal baron Don Blankenship says he's running for the Senate in West Virginia as a third-party candidate after he lost in the Republican primary race two weeks ago.
28. Recent editorials published in Nebraska newspapers  |  ( washington times )
NU has taken a variety of actions in recent years to improve the graduation rate.
29. Theresa May defends customs Brexit 'backstop'  |  ( bbc )
Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption What is the EU customs union?
30. Trump turns up heat on Obama, Brennan amid 'informant' questions  |  ( fox news )
“The Wall Street Journal asks, ‘WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS BARACK OBAMA?’ A very good question!” Trump tweeted.