1. DuckDuckGo: The Solopreneur That Is Beating Google at Its Game  |  ( hackernews )
For instance I inserted in DuckDuckGo search box !tc DuckDuckGo where tc stands for tech crunch followed by DuckDuckGo.
2. Real-time Global Illumination by Precomputed Local Reconstruction from Sparse Radiance Probes  |  ( hackernews )
To compute global illumination, we factorize the direct-to-indirect transport operator into global and local parts, sample the global transport with sparse radiance probes at real-time, and use the sampled radiance field as input to our precomputed local reconstruction operator to obtain indirect radiance.
3. How to Quickly and Correctly* Generate a Git Log in HTML  |  ( hackernews )
</ td > < td > Alternative to using <& $fd </ td >Instead, they should be escaped like this:< td > Implement <& , with test.
4. Giving you the browser you want  |  ( hackernews )
Everything you wanted to know about your downloadsWith this release, we’ve added some big improvements to the Downloads Panel.
5. How Bodega typifies Silicon Valley’s cultural ignorance  |  ( hackernews )
The idea of the Bodega product is to remove human contact from the neighborhood shopping equation, to do away with the actual bodega.
6. Etleap Is Hiring Senior Java Developers  |  ( hackernews )
It shouldn't take a CS degree to use big data effectively, and abstracting away the difficult parts is our mission.
8. Manchester police still relies on Windows XP  |  ( hackernews )
"So, if the [police's] Windows XP computers are exposed to the public internet, then that would be a serious concern.
9. EFF to Court: The First Amendment Protects the Right to Record First Responders  |  ( hackernews )
The First Amendment protects the right of members of the public to record first responders addressing medical emergencies, EFF argued in an amicus brief filed in the federal trial court for the Northern District of Texas.
10. Bitcoin Declared Dead 140+ Times and Counting  |  ( hackernews )
September 11, 2017This is true for all cryptocurrencies, he argued, because of one very important fact: they are not, and will never…
11. Toshiba picks Bain Capital as preferred memory unit buyer- Nikkei Asian Review  |  ( hackernews )
TOKYO -- Toshiba has chosen a consortium led by U.S. investment fund Bain Capital as the preferred buyer for its prized memory unit, marking an important step in the conglomerate's quest for survival.
12. First quantum computers need smart software  |  ( hackernews )
Build a communityA new breed of quantum programmer is needed to study and implement quantum software — with a skillset between that of a quantum information theorist and a software engineer.
13. Stairways Software  |  ( hackernews )
Press Release for 19 Sep 2017Stairways Software releases Keyboard Maestro 8.0Perth, Western Australia - 19 September 2017 - Stairways Software Pty Ltd is pleased to announce Keyboard Maestro 8.0, the new version of its powerful productivity enhancer for OS X.
14. Lower Memory Usage · redox-os/redox · GitHub  |  ( hackernews )
This release brings much lower memory usage with ISO - 480 MB instead of 1300 MB.
15. Tungsten: The perfect metal for bullets and missiles  |  ( hackernews )
Charles Darwin reckoned what is known as the "Cambrian explosion" was the most powerful objection to his theory of natural selection.
16. Swift 4.0 Released!  |  ( hackernews )
Swift 4.0: This mode includes all Swift 4.0 language and API changes.
17. China Bans Bitcoin Executives From Leaving the Country, Miners "Preparing for the Worst"  |  ( hackernews )
Chinese trading volumes now account for only around 5% – 10% of bitcoin’s or ethereum’s global trading volumes.
19. matryx/calcflow  |  ( hackernews )
Getting StartedProgramming Language: C#Operating System: WindowsVR HMD: Oculus Rift or HTC ViveBuilt WithUnity3D - The game engine platform usedCurrently, the version is 5.6.2f1Ethan Vander Horn - Lead Calcflow Developer - EthanVanderHorn- Lead Calcflow Developer - EthanVanderHorn Edward Zhou - Lead Calcflow Developer - YangZ530- Lead Calcflow Developer - YangZ530 Jacqueline Bontigao - UI Developer - CalcodeusThis project is licensed under the NANOME VR PRODUCT SUITE - see the LICENSE.md file for details
20. US solar plant costs fall another 30 per cent in just one year  |  ( hackernews )
However, when the effect of the ITC is calculated, such costs fall significantly, putting the average cost of residential PV below $100/MWh.
21. GraphQL Patent Infringement Issues · Issue #351 · facebook  |  ( hackernews )
Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.
22. Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think  |  ( hackernews )
Conscious thought is thought with attention.” This implies that if a thought escapes attention, then it is unconscious.
23. Automotive Grade Linux Platform Debuts on the 2018 Toyota Camry – Automotive Grade Linux  |  ( hackernews )
Learn more: https://www.automotivelinux.org/Automotive Grade Linux is a Collaborative Project at The Linux Foundation.
24. Keccak Team  |  ( hackernews )
In this post, we come back on a particular design choice of Keccak and explain why Keccak is not ARX, unlike SHA-2.
25.   |  ( hackernews )
26. Why are today's teens putting off sex, driving, dating and drinking?  |  ( hackernews )
And as for dating, "It seems sort of ridiculous to be seriously dating seomeone in high school.
27. Learn from your attackers  |  ( hackernews )
The gateway host keeps binary logs of the attacker’s sessions for playback along with other stats about the Honey Pot.
28. Clocks for Software Engineers  |  ( hackernews )
Lesson #1: Hardware design is parallel designThe first and perhaps most difficult part of learning hardware design is to learn that all hardware design is parallel design.
29. A Smaller, Cheaper RISC V Board  |  ( hackernews )
If you’re looking for an Open Source microcontroller development board without a lot of cruft, here you go.
30. Allocation Efficiency in High-Performance Go Services · Segment Blog  |  ( hackernews )
If you remember one thing from this entire post, this would be it: stack allocation is cheap and heap allocation is expensive.