1. We Will ‘Never’ Consider Bitcoin Legal  |  ( Altcoin Today )
Russian Minister: We Will ‘Never’ Consider Bitcoin LegalThe head of Russia’s Ministry of Communications (Minkomsvyaz) has said the country will “never” legalize Bitcoin within its economy.
2. Moas Revises Bitcoin Price Target Again – to 14K  |  ( DCEBrief )
Less than a month ago, Standpoint Research analyst Ronnie Moas revised his Bitcoin price target to $11,000.
3. Smart Dubai Office Bags Award for Blockchain Initiative  |  ( Altcoin Today )
Smart Dubai Office Bags Award for Blockchain InitiativeThe Smart Dubai Office (SDO) has won an award for its Dubai Blockchain Strategy initiative.
4. Initial Coin Offering, MovieCoin, Designed Specifically For Hollywood  |  ( BTC Manager )
He believes that Hollywood can vastly benefit from blockchain technology and is now spearheading an attempt to unite the two.
5. Citi, JP Morgan Complete Equity Swap Pilot  |  ( ETHNews )
Several major financial institutions, including Citi, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs, took part in a pilot that successfully tested a blockchain-based equity swap management system.
6. Trustless Payment Startup Confido Makes Off with $375k of ICO Funds  |  ( Bitcoin.com )
The Confido scam arrives the same day a survey revealed that 15% of institutional traders won’t go near ICOs until tighter regulation arrives.
7. Bait and Switch? Controversial Bitcoin.com Wallet Defaults to Bitcoin Cash  |  ( Bitcoinist )
The move is certainly confusing, as the Bitcoin.com wallet which defaults to Bitcoin Cash is called a Bitcoin wallet and not a Bitcoin Cash wallet.
8. BTCC CEO Reckons Bitcoin’s Price could Reach $10,000 Soon  |  ( BTC Manager )
The talk began with the current price of bitcoin, that has has seen a sevenfold increase this year.
9. Bitcoin ATM Installations Draw Warning from Russian Prosecutors  |  ( Coin Desk )
Prosecutors in the Russian state of Tatarstan have issued a warning to a local businessman about two bitcoin ATMs.
11. PR: German Fintech Company Naga Group to Launch Token Pre-Sale  |  ( Bitcoin.com )
NAGA Token Pre-SaleThe NAGA token pre-sale will begin on November 20, 2017 and will end on November 27, 2017, or when the pre-sale token supply (20 million NGC) sells out.
12. Wealthy Traditionalists: Why Are They Howling About Bitcoin?  |  ( BTC Manager )
Highlighting his concern, Peterffy in an unprecedented move took out a massive full-page Wall Street Journal advertisement on Bitcoin to state his case.
13. Bitcoin Will Lead to the Rise of State Cryptocurrencies  |  ( Altcoin Today )
According to the CEO, governments won’t take the disruption bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can cause and are going to answer with their own digital currencies.
14. People Turn to Bitcoin During Times of Crisis  |  ( Bitcoinist )
Uncertain Times Lead to Increasing Use of BitcoinThe most recent situation where Bitcoin and a crisis intersect is Zimbabwe.
15. Meet Cedex: The World's First Blockchain-Based Diamond Exchange – CoinSpeaker  |  ( CoinSpeaker )
The new online diamond exchange, CEDEX (CErtified Blockchain Based Diamond EXchange), aims to change today’s diamond industry by overcoming these obstacles.
16. Bitcoin Price Hits All-Time High as Institutional Investors Move In: Week in Review Nov 20  |  ( BTC Manager )
The announcement of the new bitcoin investment service for institutional investors helped to push up the price of bitcoin in anticipation of institutional funds flowing into the world’s most popular digital currency.
17. Bitcoin Will Never Be ‘Legal Entity,’ Says Russian Minister  |  ( ETHNews )
According to state media outlet Tass, Nikiforov said, “Bitcoin is a foreign project for using blockchain technology, the Russian law will never consider bitcoin as a legal entity in the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.
18. CBOE Releases New Details on Bitcoin Futures Contracts  |  ( Coin Desk )
Options exchange CBOE has released early specifications for its planned bitcoin futures product.
19. ESPORTS.com: A Substantial Upgrade to eSports Industry  |  ( News BTC )
However, on the other hand, we have independent gamers who are looking to create an eSports gaming portal of their own liking.
20. SegWit2x Hard-Fork Canceled, Analysis of Reasons and Impact  |  ( CryptoNews )
The Purpose of SegWit2x and Why It Was OpposedThe SegWit2x fork would have originally activated around Nov. 16 at block 494784.
21. Spain Regulator CNMV Warns Against LiteForex’s Spanish Website  |  ( Finance Magnates )
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22. Hong Kong Banks Continue to Shut Down Bitcoin-Related Accounts  |  ( Altcoin Today )
Hong Kong Banks Continue to Shut Down Bitcoin-Related AccountsBitcoin businesses are often concerned about having their bank accounts frozen.
23. Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert to meet with Cyprus entrepreneurs at Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Cyprus  |  ( News BTC )
Leading players of the Cyprus cryptocurrency market will be brought together in Nicosia that will host the conference dedicated to digital currencies and blockchain – Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference Cyprus.
24. Ninja down? Why slow ICO is trending  |  ( News BTC )
“Slow” – in a good way – and nicely measured ICO strategy is the new black for the token sales’ market.
25. BTCManager Exclusive: Interview with XYZ Director Shayan Rostam  |  ( BTC Manager )
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26. BNP Paribas: Bitcoin Will Fail Because it Lacks Characteristics of Traditional Banking  |  ( News BTC )
According to the UK’s Telegraph, international banking giant BNP Paribas have issued a report on the future of Bitcoin.
27. Confido's Token Value Plunges As Firm Appears To Go Dark  |  ( ETHNews )
At press time, the value of Confido’s tokens had fallen by over 92% over the past 24 hours to about $0.03 apiece.
28. Aussie Government Backs Blockchain For ‘Smart’ Water And Power Grids  |  ( ETHNews )
The Australian government, in conjunction with other partners, will help fund an AU$8 million dollar blockchain project aimed at creating energy-efficient "smart city" infrastructures.
29. Bitcoin Gold Devs Claim Their Premine is a Postmine – The Merkle  |  ( The Merkle )
About The AuthorJP Buntinx is a FinTech and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium.
30. Cryptocurrency Linked Assets Are the Future of Investing  |  ( News BTC )
Given this background, demand for securitized crypto assets and crypto derivatives in the next five years is expected to continue to skyrocket.