1. Drought-hit Cape Town dreads 'Day Zero' when taps will run dry  |  ( reuters )
A dried out wicket is seen at a cricket pitch in Cape Town, South Africa, February 11, 2018.
2. 5 South African officers killed in police station ambush  |  ( upi )
Feb. 21 (UPI) -- Five South African police were shot dead Wednesday when a group stormed a police station in Umtata, authorities said.
3. Poker-faced Italian president to hold all the cards after election  |  ( reuters )
Polls suggest the conservative coalition made up of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (Go Italy!)
4. ‘Black Panther’ director writes letter to fans after superhero movie breaks box office records  |  ( cnbc )
The Marvel Studios movie has broken several box office records since its U.S. release last Friday.
5. Kremlin says Russian defense sector 'fine', accuses U.S. of unfair competition  |  ( reuters )
“I can just say that everything is fine, everything is fine,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a phone call with reporters on Wednesday.
6. South Korean presidential adviser: Many hurdles ahead to resolving North Korea issue  |  ( upi )
"There are too many hurdles to creating a post-Pyeongchang situation where the 'peaceful Olympics' [mood] can be sustained," he said.
7. More than 90 Nigerian schoolgirls missing after Boko Haram attack: sources  |  ( reuters )
Their disappearance, if confirmed, would be one of the largest since Boko Haram abducted more than 270 schoolgirls from the town of Chibok in 2014.
8. South Africa police station raid: Five killed in Umtata  |  ( bbc )
In a statement, the South African Government News Agency said three officers were killed instantly.
9. LIVE: Winter Olympics 2018 coverage Lindsey Vonn, downhill skiing, figure skating, TV coverage, medal count -- live updates tonight  |  ( cbs news )
8:08 p.m.: Ladies' figure skating short program kicks offUSA's Bradie Tennell takes the ice first for her short program, but she did take a tumble after an opening combo (triple lutz / double toe).
10. Hard Brexit faction in May's party demands clean break from EU  |  ( reuters )
The letter adds to an increasingly divisive and angry debate over Britain’s future relationship with the EU.
11. Austria's OMV sees Brent at $60 for the year  |  ( upi )
"For the year 2018, OMV expects the average Brent oil price to be at $60 per barrel," the company added.
12. Bahrain activist jailed for five years over Twitter comments  |  ( bbc )
The prominent activist is already serving a separate two-year sentence for spreading "false or malicious" information.
13. Iberdrola to invest $39.4 billion by 2022, focuses on networks and renewables  |  ( cnbc )
Breaking the figures down, 15.5 billion euros will be invested in networks, 11.5 billion in renewables and 2.8 billion in generation and retail.
14. PM orders review into Primodos, vaginal mesh and epilepsy drug  |  ( sky news )
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15. Peru coach plunges off Pan-American Highway killing dozens  |  ( bbc )
A coach travelling along the Pan-American Highway in Peru has plunged off the road, killing at least 30 people, emergency officials say.
16. Donald Trump Jr 'likes' post attacking Florida school shooting survivor  |  ( sky news )
A survivor of the Florida shooting has denied he is a "crisis actor" after Donald Trump Jr appeared to endorse an article which labelled the student a "Trump-hater".
17. For the best returns on European equities, go local, expert says  |  ( cnbc )
A strengthening euro is making life more difficult for the euro zone's exporters — so if you're making a choice on stocks, go domestic, one equities expert told CNBC Wednesday.
18. Jeremy Corbyn demands damages from Tory MP Ben Bradley over spy claim  |  ( sky news )
Ben Bradley, a Tory party vice chairman, made the claim in a Twitter message which he subsequently deleted.
19. Though EV demand is growing, range anxiety remains a concern  |  ( upi )
Recent improvements in range and charging times, their report read, has led to wider acceptance and reduced range anxiety already.
20. Syria assault on eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus leaves civilians "waiting for death" as Bashar Assad prepares ground assault  |  ( cbs news )
Government airstrikes continue to pummel what's left of the rebel-held towns of eastern Ghouta.
21. Zaif exchange glitch let users buy cryptocurrency for free  |  ( cnbc )
A glitch at a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange allowed some users to buy digital currencies for free, heightening concerns over the security of such trading platforms.
22. Winter Olympics: Marit Bjorgen becomes most decorated Winter Olympian as USA win gold  |  ( bbc )
Full coverage timesThe United States won gold in the women's team sprint free as Marit Bjorgen became the most decorated Winter Olympian of all time.
23. Bodies recovered from Iran plane crash site  |  ( reuters )
BEIRUT (Reuters) - The bodies of seven victims of Sunday’s air crash in Iran were brought down from the mountainous crash site on Wednesday, according to Mizan, the official news site of the Iranian judiciary.
24. Netanyahu confidant to testify against him  |  ( cnbc )
Police would not confirm whether long-time aide Shlomo Filber would testify against Netanyahu, but all the major Israeli media outlets said a deal to do so had been reached.
25. Stakes rise in Turkey's Afrin assault as pro-Assad militia arrive  |  ( reuters )
The Syrian Kurdish YPG militia said Turkish planes bombed a town in Afrin on Wednesday, as Ankara pressed its month-long assault.
26. South Korean politicians bicker over 'pro-North Korea' policy, U.S. trade relations  |  ( upi )
SEOUL, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- Rival party lawmakers in South Korea clashed sharply over the Moon Jae-in administration's coordination of its North Korea policy and trade relations with the United States, News 1 reported.
27. Norway's oil and gas production steady  |  ( upi )
Total gas production of 12.9 billion cubic feet per day was an increase of 2.2 percent from the previous month.
28. Confidant of Israel's Netanyahu turns state witness in corruption case: media  |  ( reuters )
The prime minister denies all the allegations against him and has said he will seek a fifth term in office in a national ballot due in late 2019.
29. Lloyds Banking Group profit hits record $7.4 billion but misses estimates  |  ( cnbc )
"We have delivered another year of strong financial performance with improved profits and returns... and have now built the largest and top rated digital bank in the U.K.," Horta-Osorio said in the statement.
30. US higher education at risk from Trump immigration policies  |  ( cnbc )
University leaders are concerned about how federal government policies are affecting higher education in the U.S., one prominent university head told CNBC on Wednesday.